Detainees’ Institutions issue a fact sheet on detention campaigns carried out after the seventh of October

 Detainees’ Institutions issue a fact sheet on detention campaigns carried out after the seventh of October, in addition to the crimes committed against detainees and their conditions in Israeli prisons

Detainees’ Institutions (The Commission of Detainees’ Affairs, the Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club, Addameer For Human Rights and Wadi Hilweh Information Center) issued a fact sheet on the crimes and violations committed by the occupation after the 7th of October in terms of the continuous detention campaigns in the West Bank and Jerusalem and the accompanying awful crimes, in addition to the detention conditions of detainees in Israeli prisons, revealing the systematic abuse and assaults against them and the retaliatory measures imposed.

The paper reviews numerical data on detention cases in the West Bank and the issue of Gazan detainees and their anonymous fate. It also reviews testimonies documented by detainees’ institutions after the 7th of October, including testimonies of liberated detainees, detainees’ families and detainees who were liberated by the exchange deal.
The paper reviews the crime of administrative detention, which constituted a gap in detainees’ numbers in Israeli prisons, where there are currently more than (2870) administrative detainees, which is thwarted highest rate since the Intifada in 1987.

The paper also revealed data on the martyrdom of 6 detainees in Israeli prisons after the 7th of October, especially detainees Abdulrahman Maree and Thaer Abu Assab, whose martyrdom proved the use of torture in Israeli prisons.

Brief on numerical data after the 7th of October 

* (4000) arrest cases , the highest rate in Hebron with (1000) case
* ⁠Women: (150) women have been arrested, including women from the lands occupied in 1948
* ⁠Children: (255) children have been arrested 
* ⁠journalists: (45) journalists have been arrested, (32) of them are still under arrest
* ⁠(2100) orders of administrative detention have been issued since the 7th of October 
* ⁠(6) detainees martyred in Israeli prisons after the 7th of October ( Omar Daraghmeh from Tubas, Arafat Hamdan from Ramallah, Majed Zaqqul from Gaza, the fourth martyr is unknown, Abdulrahman Maree from Salfit and Thaer Abu Assab from Qalqilia.

Data provided on detention cases includes detainees who still under arrest and liberated ones

Data does not include detention cases of Gaza, due to the occupation’s refusal to give information

- total number of detainees who are currently held in Israeli prisons stand at (7800), including (2870) administrative detainees and (260) detainees from Gaza Strip who have been classified as illegal fighters.

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